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Different Varieties of Salvia Available on the Market

  • Posted on December 7, 2012 at

Salvia is a kind of herb which creates certain types of changes in the mind which lead to hallucinations. There are different types and quality of Salvia on the market. If you want to know about it you need to go through salvia reviews. There are some places where you can find salvia for sale. It is not allowed in most of the countries in the world but is allowed in some places. If a person is using salvia for the first time then certain precautions are to be taken. Teenagers should stay away from it. When it comes to different types and quality of Salvia on the market, you can find it in various levels of concentration like 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, and also 80. If you are looking for a place where there is salvia for sale, you need to find a legal one in order to avoid trouble.

It is available in various forms. You can smoke it or sniff it or even eat the leaf. Various concentration levels offer various levels of effect on the brain. This may even lead to various hallucinations too. It is better to go through various salvia reviews in order to know about it. It is better to go for a high quality extract which is free from tar and other chemicals. The effect of it on the brain may last for a few minutes. The intensity of the effect depends upon the level of concentration as well as the person consuming it. It is better to completely understand about various effects of it before you actually use it. Otherwise it may lead to dangerous situations. Apart from that it is better to have another person who is sober around. So if you are planning to try it make sure you read the salvia reviews and use your own discretion.

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Different Ways of Consuming and Using Salvia

  • Posted on October 16, 2012 at

For effective results, while minimizing on the diverse salvia effects consumers of salvia have to take it up in different ways. Each of these ways of consumption produces different effect on the user. Chewing and swallowing of salvias fresh leaves is one way of consuming salvia. This oral ingestion involves chewing the leaves to obtain its juice then spitting out the leaf remains. It’s believed that this method slows down salvia effects making them last longer.

Moreover, a majority of those who buy salvia prefer smoking it. As a way of consuming salvia dried leaves are usually crushed, put in a pipe then smoked. This is followed by taking water through the pipe to help cool the smoke. When smoked the effects are instant as compare to when chewed.

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Another interesting way of ingesting salvia is by crushing salvias fresh leaves to extract its juice which is then mixed with water to make some form of tea. This tea is made concentrated so as to produce desirable results. It is believed that salvia in this form is mostly used for rituals and healing purposes where instant results are expected. When taken in this way it allows people to have hallucinating experiences as well as see different visions.

More to the above ways of consuming salvia is by taking it as a substance dissolved in water to dilute it then administered sublingually using a glass dropper. This substance is called a tincture and is believed to yield wonderful results to the user. The use of a tincture also has been seen to reduce the stinging sensation that always comes with the intake of salvia.

From the above different ways of salvia consumption, people can then choose to buy salvia knowing the best way in which it can be consumed to get the desired results.

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What Are Some of the Salvia Effects to Be Aware Of

  • Posted on April 20, 2012 at

Salvia divinorum is a plant from the Sage family that is richly found in the mountains of Sierra Madre in Mexico that are used for it unique salvia effects. For the past few years, salvia has become popular as a legal alternative for marijuana. More people buy salvia for its psychoactive effects. Salvinorin-A is the active ingredient of salvia that many believe as the cause for the unique salvia effects that are similar, but different from other drugs and marijuana. However, the effect of salvinorin is different for each individual and it is highly effective if inhaled as vapor or smoke.

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One positive effect among the salvia effects is its non-addicting property. This means that even if you take it frequently, the effect will just easily fade and does not make you addicted to it. People who did buy salvia and use them claim that salvia had made their minds clearer, which helps them in dealing with other people and handling their daily affairs. Also, others said that when they take salvia, they experienced uncontrollable laughter and vivid imaginations. People who are depressed find this effect very useful in order to be uplifted. Doctors and scientists also find the main ingredient of salvia useful in the treatment of some diseases. When used in medicines, salvia helps people with cardiovascular disease and cancer. The plant is also helpful for people suffering from AIDs, alcohol addiction, schizophrenia, insomnia, and chronic pains.

Psychologists and psychiatrists claim that salvia effects are good for people who suffer from behavioral disorders such as bipolar, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Currently, most people buy salvia for the salvia effects which may include the following;

-        A peaceful feeling

-        Memory enhancement

-        Going to a different dimension or unknown places

-        Becoming part of a huge group

-        Sense of floating, twisting, flying and turning

-        Sense of high-leveled understanding

and many more. However, if salvia is being promoted and sold as a legal substitute for marijuana, it should still be taken in moderation. When you buy salvia, make sure you only buy from reputable suppliers that sell authentic and high quality salvia.

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Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salvia

  • Posted on November 6, 2011 at

Despite the numerous myths and condemnation leveled against Salvia and its extracts, medical researchers are discovering more of its health benefits everyday. Many people have been forced to believe that Salvia is an addictive substance that can only be compared with other narcotics such as heroin. But in reality, Salvia effects are not in any way similar to those caused by these other hard drugs. It is true that Salvia to some extent can adversely affect the user but this is subject to the amount of Salvia taken and the individual’s tolerance. China is one of salvia divinorum 200x300 Some of the Medicinal Uses of Salviathe few places that are so much concerned about learning more and more health benefits of Salvia and somehow, they have managed to go to advanced stage in the research.

Research so far has shown that Salvia has the ability to promote liver health as well as cardiovascular. In fact many medical reports have clearly indicated that dried Salvia can help in the management of heart attacks, stroke and the Angina if used properly. This gives hope to people suffering from these dangerous illnesses that have continued to take toll in their lives. Research has also cleared up the controversies surrounding the herb and now people can have confidence when they go out to buy Salvia. Once you begin using Salvia your blood vessels will be dilated so that they can enhance an easier blood flow. It therefore becomes very important in preventing blood clotting that normally occurs as a result of platelets that block the blood vessels. Any blocked coronary artery will easily lead to a heart attack. Many people have started understanding these Salvia effects on their health and have developed a habit of using it once in a while.

People who should not hesitate to buy Salvia in plenty are those living in the western countries, reason being, they are highly prone to cardiovascular and other serious illnesses that can be prevented by the use of Salvia. This has seen the demand for the herb increase tremendously in many parts of Canada and the US. Liver is another major beneficiary of these Salvia effects especially if it has been damaged by alcohol. Salvia has also been found to cure other liver health conditions such as the chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis as well as fibrosis. You can also be able to prevent acne, boils and other skin conditions with the use of Salvia since it can purify blood naturally. Since these Salvia effects have been tested and approved by qualified medical experts, you have every to buy Salvia and continue using it as much as possible. However, make sure that you seek a doctor’s advice before you start using it so that you can avoid becoming an addict.

If you are not sure where to start or where to go to buy salvia, check this salvia reviews page to get started now.

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